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The PTSA Fine and Performing Arts Society (FAPA) sponsors Langley organizations, including the LHSO.

Individual donations have offset travel expenses and made a positive impact on the success of performances such as the Tots Concert.

The Langley Orchestra Society conducts annual fundraisers for awards, concert attire, and purchases music.

As always, time is appreciated just as much as financial support. The LHSO sends thanks to those parents and volunteers who have helped make trips, concerts, and orchestra operations a success!




The LHSO would like to recognize and thank our strongest supporters:

Dr. John English

Mr. William Clendaniel

Mr. John Slifka

The PTSA Fine and Performing Arts Society can be reached through the Langley main office. To offer individual support or volunteer, please contact the director.

2000-2005 Katherine  Wilkins for the Langley Orchestra